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If neglected, dead and dying branches could soon become dangerous to your home. Whether you are in need of fine pruning to keep up your yard's appeal, or you are in need of hazardous trimming to protect your property from damage, you can trust the experts at Living Trees & Shrubs Inc.

Our arborists have the training to safely and efficiently trim your trees to perfection. With over 30 years of experience we have a deep understanding of tree care so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with green thumbs when you call Living Trees & Shrubs.

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7 benefits of proper tree care and tree trimming in Katy, TX

7 benefits of proper tree care and tree trimming in Katy, TX

Are you finding it hard to take pride in your yard? Give us a call today and enhance your curb appeal. Tree trimming can greatly improve the overall look of your landscape in a couple quick snips. You can benefit from our tree service company in Katy, TX by allowing us to:

  • Update your curb appeal
  • Enhance your property value
  • Increase your property's safety
  • Improve the health of your trees
  • Increase visibility, light, and airflow
  • Help prevent utility outages
  • Remove infested or damaged branches

Optimize your landscape by scheduling a tree service consultation today in in Katy, Texas. Call Living Trees & Shrubs at 713-464-8733.